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What to do if the heat dissipation of the forklift motor is unstable

When we use electric forklift motors, the equipment may have unstable heat dissipation due to some external factors and human factors, which can reduce the service life of the equipment. Therefore, if I find such a problem, I have to deal with it in time. Next, let's take a look at how to deal with the unstable heat dissipation of the product when it is used, and hope to help everyone.
1. Over-load operation makes the current become larger, the rated power is greater than the actual power, and the excess part is converted into heat dissipation, which makes its components overheat;
2. The power of the electric forklift motor is too high, and the actual required power is so large, and the excess will be lost and converted into electrical energy;
3. The problem of setting or starting device, the energy consumption conversion rate is low when the device is started. If the machine is set too fast or the starting device has a problem, it can make its power too large, but it is overheated when the conversion rate of energy consumption is low. Overheating of the electric forklift motor parts will greatly shorten the service life. The cause of the failure should be found and dealt with in time. Or contact the manufacturer for technical support for troubleshooting.
Through the above analysis, when we use the electric forklift motor, if we find that its heat dissipation is unstable, we can shut it down and let it rest for a while, so that the motor will slowly dissipate heat, and there is no load pressure, so the performance of the product It will also decline overall, and we must learn to conduct regular inspections and maintenance on it so that the operation of the product will be relatively stable.
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