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Forklift motor cleaning requirements

For the use effect and performance of the forklift motor to be stable, we need to clean it after use, because if it is not cleaned, the dirt inside the product will affect its efficiency, so we need to learn the correct when using the equipment Cleaning requirements, then let's learn about the cleaning requirements of the product together.
1. Ensure that the requirements for the cleanliness of the electric forklift motor parts are met. During the repair, the cleaning requirements of various machine parts are different. During assembly, the cleaning requirements of the mating parts are higher than those of the non-mating parts, the dynamic mating parts are higher than the static mating parts, and the mating parts are higher than the non-dense mating parts. For sprayed, plated, and bonded workpiece surfaces, the cleaning requirements are very high. When cleaning, different cleaning agents and cleaning methods must be adopted according to different requirements to ensure the required cleaning quality.
2. Prevent the corrosion of the electric forklift motor parts, and do not allow any degree of corrosion to its parts. When the parts need to be parked for a period of time after cleaning, the anti-rust ability of the cleaning fluid or other anti-rust measures should be considered.
3. Ensure safe operation and prevent pollution caused by fire.
Through the above analysis, we must classify and clean the parts when cleaning the forklift motor, and pay attention to the cleaning requirements, so that the service life of the product will be good. At the same time, we must avoid the load work when using the motor, otherwise It will slow down its performance and gradually affect its use effect.
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