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Basic structure of electric forklift motor

The basic structure of the electric forklift motor consists of the following parts:
1. Power plant: battery pack. The standard battery voltage is 24, 30, 48, 72V.
2. Frame: It is the frame of the forklift, which is welded with steel plate and section steel. Almost all parts of the forklift are installed on the frame. It bears various loads during operation, so it should have sufficient strength and rigidity.
3. Transmission device: transmits the power of the electric motor to the driving wheel of the forklift.
4. Steering system: control the driving direction of the forklift.
5. Braking system: to slow down and stop the forklift.
6. Motor and electrical system: The electrical system controls the motor through various components to achieve the starting, stopping, reversing and speed regulation of the forklift, and to the oil pump motor or hydraulic pressure.
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