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Sightseeing car motor characteristics

(1) Adopt high software control, algorithm and hardware design to reduce the heating of the controller and optimize the matching between the controller and the motor.
(2) The microprocessor used has an electrical speed of 80,000 rpm.
(3) Adopt large-capacity design and high-quality automotive electronic components to make the controller high.
(4) Electronic interference and vibration.
(5) The starting current is large and there is no jitter, so that the motor obtains the starting torque.
(6) During the entire operation of the motor, the vibration is small and the noise is small.
(7) Overcurrent protection.
(8) Locked-rotation protection. When the motor is locked for a long time, the controller enters the locked-rotation protection and burns the motor and controller.
(9) Speeding function, the controller detects the accelerator pedal / handle or the speeding phenomenon caused by line failure in real time, which improves the safety of the system.
(10) Over-temperature protection function.
(11) Without speed regulation, the operating voltage is 1.2V ~ 4.2V.
(12) Brake power off function / brake energy function.
(13) The hub motor drive has an electronic differential function.
(14) Three-speed control, forward, neutral, and reverse three speeds, backward speed limit function.
(15) The speed signal line mainly transmits the speed signal to the instrument panel in real time.
(16) 485 communication / CAN bus communication function, the machine communicates, and can also choose the company's vehicle controller products to achieve multiple motor drive control.
(17) The MAP calibration of the brushless motor controller provides customers with "customized" services. According to the parameters of your motor: inductance, internal resistance, voltage, speed, magnetic pole logarithm, etc., system optimization and matching. Let your motor play to its state, the motor runs smoothly, less heat, low noise, and high efficiency.
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